Sam Seow Wai Siong Sam


I used to complete 100M X4 and 5000M in secondary school and I have loved sports since young. I still remember when I had my first serious injuries for ITB due lack of preparation for the 21km marathon and it took me 3 months to recover. Once I have recovered, I was determined to race again and engaged a running coach. Every time I run, I will try my very best to hit PB in order to prove myself that flat foot can run too. Throughout my running journey, I come to understand that running techniques and strength will bring you to next level if you hard work in that area. I did my First Full Marathon with 3.53 Hours, thanks to Pose Method.



Always think about how to help runners break their own PB and improve . I love to analyze data and discover reasons that is hindering the runner from improving their run.

In order to run fast you need to train for 4 pillars - F.A.S.T

  • Focus - Focus on your training plan & complete it.
  • Alignment - Running technique is the fundamental.
  • Strength - Improve your mobility and stability. Let the muscles serve the body weight.
  • Timing - Running Cadence. pace( E/M/T/I/R)





  • Large Group clinic for running technique
  • Large Group max heart rate test training
  • Running Technique for small group
  • Running Technique for one on one
  • Group for condition training
  • Group for resistant training
  • Head Coach Run Club for Hoka, Saucony, Mizuno and Garmin Camp




  • Pose Method Level 1 (Running Technique Specialist)
  • Pose Method Level 2 (Long Distance Running)
  • Mental Toughtness Certifield ( Psychology)
  • Garmin Running Coach (Train The Trainer)
  • Revolution running certified (Conditioning Coach)
  • VDOT certifield
  • Certified Fitness Instructor (FIT)
  • Functional Tools Coach (FIT)
  • Certified Group Personal training (T3)
  • CPR (Basic Life Support)